Which Fabric is Right for Shades or Drapery in Lakewood Ranch, Florida (FL) for home offices

In this article, Divine Interiors Group – conveniently located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida (FL) – is here to help you decide which fabric is right for shades or drapery in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Contact us today to learn more about the custom window treatments we offer. 

One of the best things about custom window treatments is that you get to create a product that is completely unique to you. You are in charge of the entire design and aesthetic of your window treatment. You can choose to incorporate a fabric that blends with your current decor and possibly even matches your furniture or use a bolder fabric that would create a contrast with your other design elements. Whatever you choose to do with your space, choosing the fabric for your custom shades is an important decision. At Divine Interiors Group, we can help you decide which fabric is right for shades or drapery in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

People often underestimate the impact that window treatments can have on a space. They are functional in their ability to eliminate light, create more privacy, and curate a certain ambiance. However, they can also serve as decorate pieces and can upgrade any room. Their transformative abilities are what make choosing the fabric for your custom window treatments so important.

The first step in determining which fabric to choose is to determine which room you are going to incorporate the shade or drapery and the particular mood of that room. For instance, if you are putting the window treatment in your kitchen then you might want to choose a light filtering fabric that will brighten the room and make it seem more inviting. On the other hand. If you were putting the custom drapes in your bedroom, then you might want the ambiance to be a little darker and warm. Heavier, room darkening fabrics give a more luxurious feel while lighter fabrics can make a room seem more casual.

Similarly, you want to choose how you want the fabric to work in your room. If you want the fabric to blend with the decor, then you want to bring in samples to ensure that the color or texture coordinate with what you already have in place. However, you can also use the window treatments as a pop of color or for a unique texture to add dimension in a room. The purpose of the fabric is also important. It is obvious that window treatments are functional, but if you are looking for a more private room then you should choose a thicker fabric with a great opacity. If you are looking for more light to enter the room then you should choose a sheer fabric that be more open and breezy.

Hunter Douglas provides a number of fabrics for you to choose from for your shades, and there is a wide selection for your drapes, as well. The fabrics range in color, pattern, texture, size, and opacities, making it practically impossible to not find a material that works for you. Visit us at Divine Interiors Group to consult with a professional about your options for fabrics and to visualize the one that would work best for your home. To find out which fabric is right for shades or drapes, come see us at Divine Interiors Group. We have a showroom in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and serve the surrounding area.