Plantation shutters are a stunning and classic window treatment option for your home. Hunter Douglas offers three materials for shutters, in order to suit a variety of needs. The different materials feature unique benefits, so every style may not fit your requirements, but at Divine Interiors Group, our friendly professionals will help you find the one that does.

Authentic hardwood shutters are an ideal option for those who like a natural look. You are able to select the treatment the wood undergoes, so the appearance of the shutters is customized to match your sense of style. The treatment will enhance the vibrancy and character of the wood. Hunter Douglas wood shutters are exceptionally strong, and the shutters are crafted using only the finest carpentry methods. The joints in the shutters utilize the Truemill® dovetail construction technique, which is highly regarded as the strongest woodworking process. The glossy exterior is courtesy of the Integra finish that is applied once the shutters are complete. The finish supplies a beautiful polished look, while also making cleaning and dusting a breeze. If you are looking for a natural window treatment that offers increased strength, Heritance® plantation shutters are perfect.

Another material utilized by Hunter Douglas is a Polysatin™ compound. This material is able to withstand a tremendous amount of damage without showing any signs of it. These shutters are resistant to dents and scratches, which make them an excellent choice for households with children and pets. The Polysatin™ compound is also invulnerable to moisture and extreme heat. If your home resides in an area that is humid or damp, these shutters will be unaffected. Aluminum can be found within the window treatments to ensure that the shutters have an inordinate level of resiliency and strength. Hunter Douglas guarantees that the shutters will never experience any peeling, warping, cracking, chipping, or fading. These shutters are a perfect option for those who want shutters that can undergo damage but will remain in flawless condition for a lifetime. If you are interested in the Polysatin™ compound shutters, check out our Palm Beach™ plantation shutters.

The last available material used for the shutters is a mixture of resources that combine the best qualities of each. The hybrid blend is a concoction of synthetic materials and real wood. This gives the shutters the appearance of real wood, while also offering the durability of the manmade resources. A Finetech® finish is applied to give a nice shine to the window treatments. Only a simple cloth is necessary for dusting. This style of shutters is a perfect selection if you want wood shutters but worry that they will not be durable enough. If you are looking for a low-maintenance, affordable option, these Newstyle® Plantation Shutters are an impeccable decision.

If you are interested in Hunter Douglas plantation shutters, let Divine Interiors Group help you. We are professional interior designers and can aid in creating custom shutters that complement your home’s décor. We have over 16 years of window treatment experience, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. Divine Interiors Group has a showroom in Lakewood Ranch, FL and proudly serves the surrounding area.