Curtains are more than just a boring, light-blocking covering for your windows. Curtains make a significant impact on the décor in your room while also providing you with lighting and insulation options to benefit your whole home. When deciding on curtains, you have to choose design elements like the right fabric, color, pattern, and texture, and you also have to worry about choosing the best functional elements as well, like light diffusion, light control, and insulation. Deciding what you need from your home’s curtains can be difficult when you’re on your own, but with the help of Divine Interiors Group, serving Lakewood Ranch, Florida and the surrounding areas, the task is much more manageable.


Lighting Requirements

One of the most important decisions to make before you even begin to look at fabrics types, is deciding the lighting needs for your home. The level of light control will directly impact the range of fabrics you should choose from. For example, if you need light control or room darkening ability in your room, you will need to choose fabrics that are opaque, heavy, and tightly woven, like velvet, wool, satin, and some polyesters and cottons to name a few. If light control is not a huge concern, more lightweight fabrics and sheer options could also work with your décor. Fabrics like cotton, lace, crepes, and chiffons are a few of the many different fabric options you could choose from. Some of these fabrics work well with additional layers of backing, so if there is a specific type of lightweight of sheer fabric that you prefer, you may be able to add additional light control with these liners. In the same vein, UV protection and insulation ability will also relate to the weight and opacity of your curtain fabrics. Light controlling and room darkening fabrics will have more insulation abilities than those used for light diffusion. UV protection is pretty widespread among all fabric ranges, but levels will vary based on fabric weights.


Color Options

After you have decided which fabric weight and material seems right functionally, your style choices will now come into play. The color you should choose for your curtain fabric is a matter of personal style, because curtains can be used in so many interesting ways within a room’s design. Curtains can be used as a focal point, a detail to tie in accent colors, or as a blended neutral to allow emphasis on other areas in the room. The patterns, prints, designs, textures, and sizing that you choose for your curtains all play a role in how your curtains will be perceived in your décor. Go bold with a loud, colorful pattern, or be subtle with a textured neutral that adds depth. Your design options are truly unlimited when it comes to creating custom draperies.

If you are ready to liven up your home with new custom draperies, Divine Interiors Group can help you tackle the task. With a wide range of designer fabrics to choose from paired with the experience and dedication of our team of interior designers, Divine Interiors Group is your best choice for custom curtains. Our showroom is located in Lakewood Ranch, FL, so contact us today.