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The word that immediately comes to mind when someone says “custom cabinets” is “cost.” And rightfully so, because custom cabinetry can be a bigger investment than the other cabinetry options available. But the advantages of going custom can far outweigh difference in cost, especially if you have a unique situation.


Stock and Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Before we talk about why your kitchen might need custom cabinets, let’s mention the other two options available.

•    Stock – Stock cabinets are pre-made in a factory and cannot be changed in any way. Their color, material, and size are all predetermined before you even place an order. This makes them the most inexpensive option and are functional, but the least likely to fit specific décor styles.

•    Semi-custom – Semi-custom cabinetry is just what the name implies—you can customize them a little bit, making them a little more flexible than stock cabinetry, and a little bit more expensive as well.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets

With custom kitchen cabinets, the sky’s the limit. Essentially any cabinetry you can imagine can be made and installed in your home. While this may seem like a luxury, there are actually many practical reasons to go custom.

Your kitchen is an unusual shape or size – Whether you have an ultra-modern home or a two century-old Victorian, stock cabinets just may not work right in your kitchen. Custom cabinets are made to fit your kitchen after careful measurements are taken and a design is drawn up to fit your needs.

You are an unusual size – If the chef in your house is taller or shorter than average, cabinets pre-made to fit the average person may not be comfortable to work on, or too many things may be out of reach. Custom cabinets can be designed to fit your height.

You use your kitchen in a unique way – Not everyone does the same things in their kitchen. Some people may like to process fresh produce and can it to use over the winter, others may love making homemade breads and rolls. With custom cabinetry, you can create a space that works with the way you cook.

You have special storage needs – As a wine connoisseur, you may want a place to keep your collection. If you love cooking with different flavors, you may need a large amount of space for your spice collection. Or perhaps you have a thing for coffee and own several different pots and machines to make it. All of your storage needs can be accommodated with custom kitchen cabinets.

You never want to renovate your kitchen again – Having any room in your home renovated can be stressful, and renovating a kitchen is particularly hard because you don’t generally have a backup kitchen to use while it’s being done. Custom cabinetry can keep you from having to renovate for years in a couple ways. First, your kitchen was designed around you, so you should not need to change something because it just doesn’t work for you. Second, custom cabinets are longer lasting than stock or semi-custom because they are handmade by craftsmen instead of on an assembly line.

The one huge benefit of custom cabinetry we didn’t mention is the ability to make your kitchen fit your sense of style. If you’re ready to create the perfect kitchen for you, come meet with one of our designers at Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.