When it comes to interior decorating, your home’s furniture style may be as unique as you are.  That being said, there are a variety of decorating styles that dictate the type of furniture you may like or you may have in your house.  Chances are your home décor matches one or more of these common design styles, and your furnishings reflect that style.

Types of Interior Design Styles & Furniture

Art Déco

If your home décor reflects the Art Deco style, you may like furniture with rounded fronts, geometric lines, chrome hardware and glass tops.  Some of your furnishings may include mirrored accents.  This style originated in the 1920s and 1930s.


Arts and Crafts

Furniture from this period is simple and undecorated.  The emphasis on this type of home décor is the craftsmanship involved.  Furniture is functional and well built.  This style originated between 1910 and 1925.



Asian home décor is inspired by pieces from Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. Furniture is often hand painted and lacquered with intricate details and bright colors.  Accessories include statues of animals, bamboo, and natural fiber elements with the colors taken from nature.



The Bohemian Style consists of ethnic or nomadic themes inspired by Moroccan, Southwestern or Tribal touches.  Accessories are intricately patterned with luxurious fabrics and jewel-toned colors.  Furniture is often ornately carved.  Oriental rugs and pillows fit nicely in this interior design.



Inspired by the coast, you will find light and breezy fabric and furnishings offered in the colors of the sea.  Lighthouses and other nautical accents work nicely in a coastal décor.



Furniture in a contemporary home décor will be sleek and lower to the ground.  You will see metal frames and straight legs.  Colors are typically muted with plenty of neutrals and bold pops of color.



You will find country furniture to be rustic and often painted white or stained in a natural hue.  Accessories for this interior design include handmade wood, forged metal and pottery pieces.


English Country

English country is a feminine home décor style characterized by fine carved wood furnishings, overstuffed sofas and chairs in lush rose patterned fabric with soft greens, pinks and reds.


French Furniture

The French style of interior design is characterized by antique heirloom furniture with rich details of gold, bronze or gilt.  Often one muted neutral hue is repeated throughout the room in a French interior.



The Mediterranean style is inspired by coastal Spain, Italy and Greece.  Furniture from this style is often short with ornately curved legs and feet.  Colors include deep yellows, oranges and lavender.  Furniture, accessories and even the walls are often textured.  Window treatments are often lavish and layered.


Shabby Chic

Inspired by interior designers in the 1980’s shabby chic resembles the cottage look.  It features white painted furniture and white slipcovers with vintage accessories.



Inspired by 18th century English, 19th century French country and British Colonial furniture, the traditional interior design style will feature a calm orderly design and muted colors in floral, solids or stripes.



A tropical home décor features thatched furniture inspired by a French Polynesian or Hawaiian theme.  Fabric features palm leaves and bright flowers.  Rugs are often muted colors like greens and browns.



If you like large furniture with wood trim, worn leathers and a western vibe, you may like a western home décor.  Western interior design consists of natural elements and inviting fabrics like animal prints.


Matching Your Furniture Style

Divine Interiors Group offers interior design consultations. We can help you determine your style based on your furniture and what you like or don’t like about other furnishings.  Together we can help you come up with a style that meets your needs and your personal taste.  Whether you stick to one particular style or you prefer a more eclectic approach, we can help you design your home so it looks harmonious and creates a comfortable space for you and your guests.  Call or Stop by Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, FL we serve Lake Ranch and the surrounding areas.