The year 2017 has been a great year for inspiring design trends. There are many different trends to follow that can easily update your space and keep your home from going outdated. One of the easiest ways to update your home can be found in furniture. In case your home needs a little freshening up, Divine Interiors Group of Lakewood Ranch, FL is giving you these furniture trends that will keep your home stylish this year.

The beauty of real hardwood may never go out of style. Even faux wood furniture pieces attempt to replicate this beauty can be easily found at many retailers. This year, a finish called cerused is finally becoming a widely accepted trend. The word cerused refers to the technique of bringing out the grain texture of the wood. A trend in the high-end market for a while now, cerused finish has been making its way to more accessible markets and you will see it in furniture from cabinetry, to chairs and tables, and even storage furniture. Furniture with cerused finish is sure to match any interior for a more natural or rustic look.

Granite has been widely popular for many years in countertop pieces. However, marble may be taking its place as the world’s favorite natural stone. You can see real marble in kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, covering entire showers and in other pieces. Additionally, fabric, wall coverings, and even carpet have gotten a taste of the marble trend in faux form. Virtually every market encompasses marble in some aspect. Marble is an accent that adds a luxurious touch to any room and white marble can give your kitchen or bathroom a crisp, clean look.

Texture is a huge trend in furniture this year, namely furniture such as couches, chairs, and headboards that have pleats and tufted fabrics. These textural elements draw people in, especially consumers, and are a nice eye-catching element for any guest you invite into your home. For added accents and texture, another trend is Nailhead detail. Additionally, this accent is popular among living room furniture and headboards, and can also be found in decorative pillows. Combine textured fabric pieces with Nailhead accents for the ultimate eye-intriguing furniture.

To update your kitchen backsplash, try installing subway tiles. Although not new to design trends, subway tiles offer a neat and simple tiled look to your kitchen that is easily complimentary to any other accents you wish to add in your kitchen. For a more interesting look, try a darker grout color to make your backsplash pop and more easy to care for as it will show less dirt with use. Another benefit of using subway tile is its affordable price point. This is at least one trend that is easy to get behind to update your home.

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