In this article, Divine Interiors Group – with a convenient location in Lakewood Ranch, Florida (FL) – are here to provide you with information on blackout shades from Hunter Douglas, so you can see if they are right for your home.

Many Floridians know that the Sunshine State does not get its name from mild sunrays. Rather, the Florida sun’s intensity is often unparalleled, especially in the brutal summer months. If you are someone that wants to protect your interior furnishings from UV damage, reduce the amount of glare on your television during the day, or simply want a good break from the sun after coming home, then blackout shades are definitely for you. Read on to discover more reasons why you should add blackout shades to your home!

Blackout Shades Defined

Blackout blinds are not your average blind. While all window treatments provide some degree of shade, blackout shades are specifically made to combat larger amounts of sunlight in order to provide adequate shade and privacy. How do blackout shades achieve this? Good question. Maximum light control and privacy is achieved through the opaque materials used in all Hunter Douglas blackout shades. This fabric will almost completely block out the sunlight and significantly reduce any signs of gaps of lights, seams, and rout holes. This will give your living space the greatest amount of protection from the harsh Florida sun.

Why You Need Blackout Shades

An intense amount of sunlight needs an intense shade to combat it, and blackout shades are the perfect match for the Florida UV rays. With maximum light blockage and minimum light gaps, Floridians can seek relief from the sun by stepping into a cool, shaded home. In addition to this, blackout shades will protect your interior furnishings from being bleached by the sun. This occurrence might happen with regular blinds, but not blackout shades. You can also begin to conserve energy and reduce your energy bills depending on what material you choose for your blackout blinds. Finally, a powerful blackout blind will be able to protect those in your home. If not blocked properly, UV rays can seep into windows and damage your skin. This alone makes blackout shades a necessity to protect your home and those within it.

Types of Blackout Shades

Room Darkening:

Duette® Honeycomb Shades – Your blackout blinds can save you energy if you choose from the honeycomb collection. These blackout shades retain cool air and are the perfect compromise between sheer blinds and full-on blackout shades.


Parkland® Wood Blinds – Featuring the de-Light™ feature, these blackout shades combine sleek with power due to its ability to block out light and provide a clean look.

Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds – Got a room with a ton of sun? Then Everwood® is a great option due to its guarantee to never fade, yellow, warp, or bow.

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds – This blind option is perfect for horizontal windows and allows maximum light control with the de-Light™ feature to provide a clean look to your living space.

Silhouette® Window Shadings – Silhouette® blackout shades feature Duolite™, which combines Silhouette® shading with a room-darkening roller shade. This will provide maximum light control to any living space.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades – Crafted from natural grasses, woods, reeds, and bamboo, Provenance® shades provide a lovely organic look. Provenance® blackout shades can also come with a room-darkening liner that increases the level of energy-saving insulation to your living space.

After a day in the Florida sun, coming home to a cool, UV-protected house is a must. To learn more or to purchase blackout shades of your own, be sure to contact or visit Divine Interiors today! We are located Lakewood Ranch, Florida and serve the surrounding area.