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  1. the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

When you have a career that you are passionate about, magic happens. Although you are capable of obtaining a degree in Interior Design,  creativity and passion truly lead you in the ability to form a space into something beautiful. We are here to assist in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces for our clients, as well as provide balance and beauty.

We will be posting tips and tricks along with design ideas and upcoming trends. We are excited to be blogging and hope you will enjoy! We welcome comments and feedback!


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Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades

Are you moving forward with the times? So many things are automated today and the ability to automate your privacy treatments to change while you are out of town or just out for the day, is quite impressive. With so many options and the ability to set it all up from an app….we will let you watch for yourself to see how easy this truly is!

The options are endless! Explore in our showroom today.


Decluttering and Organizing

The holidays are behind us, and if you are anything like us you have already began the decluttering and re-organizing of your space at home. It’s amazing how things pile up from parties and special events …and presents from Santa! We have all heard it but the best rule of thumb is for every one thing “new”, donate or throw away one item you don’t use anymore. That holds true for more than just your closet or shoe rack!

Harmony, Balance and an Organized space are so important for your soul as we enter into the New Year! New beginnings and Clean spaces = a Happy & Healthy mind.

Here ar a few great organizational articles:





Happy Organizing!


Cheers, Bring on 2017!

Plantation Shutters: Choosing the Right Materials

Plantation shutters are a great choice for any home. These window treatments will make a memorable addition to your décor with their eye-catching beauty. When choosing plantation shutters, it is important to know your options. Plantation shutters are available in three different materials that all feature different benefits and concerns. Divine Interiors Group, located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, can help you understand the differences between the different plantation shutter materials to help you find the perfect fit for your home



The first type of material available for plantation shutters is genuine hardwood. Plantation shutters like Hunter Douglas’ Heritance® hardwood shutters are a great choice for adding elegance to any room. Hardwood shutters are crafted from genuine hardwood that feature visible grain work and beautiful stain options to contribute to a classic feel. Heritance hardwood shutters utilize Truemill® dovetail construction, one of the most durable forms of joinery available, for maximum durability and function. Heritance® shutters come in many stylish stains, can be painted virtually any color, and completed with finishes that feature Integra™ finish for longevity. While hardwood shutters are a great option, they do require a little more care than other types of shutters and to preserve their beauty you should avoid rooms with high humidity or heat and clean them with very gentle cleaning products.


The second type of plantation shutter is the hybrid shutter.  Hybrid shutters, like Hunter Douglas’ NewStyle™ shutters, are more durable than genuine hardwood shutters. Hybrid shutters are crafted with a mixture of modern-day materials and genuine hardwood for a stunning and durable window treatment. To mimic the appearance of hardwood, hybrid shutters feature grain-like finishes for natural beauty on your windows. Unlike traditional hardwood shutters, hybrid shutters cannot be repainted once an original paint or stain color is chosen because they will lose the grain-like appearance. Hybrid shutters are available in a beautiful range of colors and stains, that are also finished with a low-shine, FineTech® finish to makes these shutters even more durable and easy to clean. Because hybrid shutters are made from faux wood, these shutters can be cleaned with traditional cleaning products and used in any room of the home without concerns for damage.


Polysatin shutters are the most durable plantation shutter available. Polysatin shutters like Hunter Douglas’ Palm Beach™ shutters are perfect for bright, open rooms and look great outdoors. Polysatin shutters are perfect for indoor and outdoor use because they are unaffected by temperature and humidity levels. Polysatin shutters are crafted from UV resistant, polysatin compounds for an incredibly durable window treatment.  These shutters will never crack, chip, fade, peel, or lose their color regardless of the conditions in or outside your home. Hybrid shutters come in a limited range of natural colors and look similar to a traditional painted shutter. As a final touch of durability, hybrid shutters are finished with Duralux™ finish so you will never have to repaint, stain or sand your shutters for as long as you use them.

If you have any more questions about the differences in these shutters, contact Divine Interiors Group Today! Our experienced designers can help you choose the right window treatment for your home and help you make the most of your new window treatments.

If you are feeling confusion about ordering plantation shutters for your home, you can’t go wrong with Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters, and the Interior design assistance provided by Divine Interiors Grouplocated in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Whatever your window shape; standard, sliding-glass door, French door, skylight or a specialty shapes such as circles, arches, angles or trapezoids, Hunter Douglas has the custom design and operating system for you.

Operating Choices

Plantation shutters are available in three distinct looks, chosen based upon your window and the design look you are seeking. Your choice will tailor the window opening to your room’s purpose.

  • Hinged Panel- In a hinged panel system, the shutter panels are hinged to each other and to the door frame or window opening. Perfect for maintaining privacy while still allowing versatility in how much light enters your room.
  • Bi-Fold Track-Plantation Shutters designed to operate on a bi-fold track consist of up to six hinged panels that open and close along a track. Great for patio doors or large windows these shutters are perfect for creating privacy or for opening up your window enclosure for an unobstructed view.
  • Bypass Track-Bypass Track plantation shutters consists of panels that bypass one another front to back, or back to front, as they slide along a track. No need to close the louvers before operating. Create dramatic effects by opening louvers on the top panels and closing those on the bottom. These work great on sliding screen or glass doors.

Custom Shutters For A Custom Look

As you can see by the operating systems offered for custom shutters, there are a variety of options when it comes to how you open or close them. Consider hinged panels for example. You can choose to have the hinge operate on either side, with or without a t-post. For smaller windows consider a hinge and one panel that opens from the top, the bottom or either side. Shutters also accommodate your room and architecture because you can choose where and how they open. Shutters are a perfect option for updating windows that are recessed by mounting the shutters on the wall. This gives your windows the look of a window frame. For areas where you want more light but don’t want to sacrifice privacy, consider hanging your windows café style; great for breakfast nooks and dining areas too.

Divine Interiors Custom Draperies

Adding fine details to your custom window treatments is our forte. Whether your décor calls for a swag, a cornice, or even a lined drapery, we have the design for you that can add a soft touch to your Hunter Douglas Shutters. We can also offer assistance in bedding, artwork, accessories, and furniture. Our interior decorators bring their knowledge and skill to add to your dreams as you create the look you want for your home. We have offered full service Interior Design to our clientele for over 16 years. Call today for an appointment (941) 907-9759.

Hunter Douglas Shades: Color, Fabric and Product Choices

When it comes to selecting custom shades or sheers for your home, no other company offers more choices or better quality than Hunter Douglas. Let Divine Interiors Group introduce you to the unlimited options available for your Lakewood Ranch, Florida home.

Keep Your Cool with Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades were created by Hunter Douglas in response to the energy crisis in the 1970s, but that doesn’t mean these window treatments are stuck in the past. Available in numerous colors and patterns, these shades can provide everything from slight sunlight filtering with IllumiCell™ technology in Duette® Architella® shades to complete room darkening with a blackout layer hidden within the cells. These same cells trap warm air trying to enter your home in the summer and hold it at bay, and protect you from the cool breezes on winter evenings.

Roller Shades Provide Unlimited Possibilities

Perhaps the most versatile of all window treatments, roller shades not only come in hundreds of colors, they also offer various patterns, opacities, and materials. Screen shades can be made from the most translucent fabric, leaving you with a view of the outdoors while still protecting your furnishings and other valuables from harmful UV rays. Woven wood shades are crafted from reeds, grasses, and woods, providing an unassuming natural texture to the room. These unique shades can also be lined to provide more light control and are available in neutral colors that blend beautifully with your woodwork, walls, and flooring. Today’s roller shades are easy to use and combine well with custom draperies because of their slim profile and ability to tightly roll up when not in use.

Add the Softness of Fabric with Roman Shades

Like roller shades, Roman shades are also available in a variety of materials, including fabric. The thousands of different fabrics we offer at Divine Interiors Group will make choosing the perfect one quite difficult, but our expert interior designers are here to help you make that tough decision. Rather than rolling up on a spindle, when Roman shades are opened, soft folds of fabric gather and remain until the shade is lowered. Choose a fabric to match your bedding to create a master bedroom retreat, or add a much-needed dash of color to your dining room walls. Roman shades work well in areas where you want fabric but curtains or draperies are impractical, like over kitchen counters or the soaking tub in your bathroom.

Create a Look You’ll Love with Sheers and Shadings

Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings have a unique look that is unlike any other window treatment. Fabricated from sheer panels and fabric vanes, these window coverings filter sunlight when just the sheer part is closed and provide more privacy and less light when the vanes are closed. Vanes can be made from neutral fabrics to blend in with the sheers or colorful fabrics to stand out when closed. Silhouette® and Pirouette® shadings hang horizontally and provide beautiful coverage for your traditional windows. Luminette® sheers provide an elegant alternative to vertical blinds for your sliding glass doors and extra-large windows.

Whatever look you want to achieve, shades and sheers are a great option. Let the interior designers at Divine Interiors Group show you why. Serving Lakewood Ranch Florida and the surrounding areas, we help our customers create custom window treatments they love.